appreciating my stove-top pressure cooker

I have two pressure cookers. I have a stove-top Presto which I have had for more than thirty years and a Cuisinart electronic pressure cooker that I have had for a number of years. I use the Cuisinart for meals and the Presto to cook beans for tostadas.

stove top pressure cookerOne day recently I pulled out the Presto to make tostada beans. I couldn’t get it to seal and latch. This distressed me a great deal since I’ve had it for so long. But I needed to get dinner made, so I put the beans in the Cuisinart. The beans turned out fine, and Terry discovered that my Presto was fine. I was simply having a senior moment. I had the lid to the left of the handle and was turning right. I needed to be to the right of the handle and turn left.

I’m glad the Presto is fine. As Terry has said, the jiggle of the weight on the release valve while the cooker is up to pressure is a comforting, reassuring sound.

I guess I need to pull out the Presto more.

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