my new fern

I’ve long had a houseplant on the file cabinet between my desk and computer table. Last fall, the old plant we brought down from Gilroy was pretty much on its last legs. There wasn’t much green and it wasn’t growing. We replaced it with a nice full green plant. I really liked it, but this winter we have had an influx of annoying little gnats. The gnats liked the plant and the water in the catch tray at the base of the pot. I hated to exile my plant to the back patio, but it seemed to be a necessity.

fernI asked Terry to get me an artificial fern at Michael’s. I don’t make a habit of sending Terry on my errands, but she is much better at craft things than I am. She came home with a basket, an artificial fern, some additional fern fronds, and a Styrofoam block. She said that she was frustrated and almost gave up, but I told her that she got me exactly what I wanted. Which she did. It needed a little finishing off, so I went back to Michael’s and got some more fern fronds and some artificial moss. The moss made a terrible mess, but once cleaned up I was delighted with the end result.

I’ve always liked ferns and won’t have to worry about keeping this one alive.

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