not in a Lenten state of mind

Some years I am ready for Lent. Other years I am not. This year I was not.

keep calm and put ashes onI missed the Last Sunday after Epiphany because I was without my hearing aid. I missed Ash Wednesday for the same reason and because Tasha was in serious need for a trip to the groomer and Terry was working.

I was, however, made very much aware of the season on the first Sunday of Lent. We did the Great Litany. Sigh. “From the Great Litany, Good Lord deliver us,” Father Phil in Morgan Hill once said.

We are now deep into Lent, and I’m just not there with it. It’s simply one of those years, I suppose.

2 Comments on “not in a Lenten state of mind”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Sometimes that happens. I was going to blog from the Lenten prayers I was receiving from my church in VA. 1) I’m not getting them every day and 2) some of them just do not resonate. Oh, I can pray them, but I have no inspiration to say anything about them. Sigh. It’s simply one of those years I suppose.

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