the art of Casablanca

I recently read  a review about a new book on the movie Casablanca. It reminded me of some things I had read in the past.

Apparently the first choice for Rick was Ronald Reagan. Really? That never would have worked.

Bogart and BergmanHumphrey Bogart was essential in making the movie what it became. He was a master of dialogue. I understand that the script read, “Here’s good luck to you kid,” but Bogie made it “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.” The original script said, “Of all the bars in all the world why did she have to show up in mine?” Bogart rendered the line, “Of all the gin joints in all the world why did she have to show up in mine?”

The movie holds up well. We have it both on Blu-Ray and DVD. Terry and I like to watch it on a cold winter’s Saturday evening, preferably with a bottle of port. The ending always brings tears to both of our eyes.

Here’s lookin’ at Casablanca.

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