it’s baseball

The 2017 baseball season opened yesterday and I am delighted. The Dodgers opened their season at home this afternoon and the Angels are opening this evening on the road against Oakland.

Dodgers yard bannerThe Dodgers have a strong starting rotation and a good bullpen. They seem to have improved their ability to hit left-handed pitching. We shall see. The Angels had a pretty good spring, and we can hope that it translates into a better regular season than the past couple.

Both teams have very likeable managers whom you want to support. Dave Roberts is in his second year with theAngels yard banner Dodgers and Mike Soscia has been with the Angels for a very long time. He managed the 2002 team that beat my San Francisco Giants in Dusty Baker’s last year managing that team. But that’s another story entirely.

The point is: it is spring. It is April. We have baseball. And whatever is happening in Washington can be forgotten temporarily while we enjoy following the Dodgers and the Angels.

That’s all good.

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