a good experience with the cable company

Before we arrived here in Hemet in May 2015 we made arrangements for our television/internet/telephone service. We could have gone with Time-Warner and have been able to see the Dodgers games, but consensus was that Time-Warner was a pain to deal with and had poor service. So we chose Verizon, which was easy to get set up since we had Verizon for telephone in Gilroy.

In the intervening time, Time-Warner was bought by Charter Communications and Verizon left the California market (except for wireless), having turned over their phone/internet/television service to Frontier Communications.

Frontier CommunicationsIt was coming up on two years since our service initiation, and that meant an end to our two-year discounts. I got a mailing from Frontier saying that I should call them about a new two-year plan. I dreaded doing that, as I feared a rate increase. I made the call, however, and was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, I got a very friendly representative who was stateside. She was very helpful and told me that instead of the second level channel package plus the HBO/Cinemax combo, I could get the top-level package, which included HBO/Cinemax, plus Showtime and a bunch of other channels. My telephone and internet service would be unchanged. And the cost? $12 less a month than what I had been paying. Still no Dodger games, but we continue to get the Angels.

I’m happy. It’s nice to have a pleasant experience with a service provider.

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