how to buy propane

I never had a gas grill until Terry and I bought one during our Gilroy years. I only knew of one way to buy propane for it. I did exactly what all of our neighbors did. Initially you bought a tank of propane that was full of the fuel. When it was empty you took it to a location that sold the stuff and swapped out the empty tank for a full one.

propan tankSo when we bought our gas grill I was surprised when my brother asked me how we were going to buy our propane. How? Do I have a choice, I asked. My brother said that we could buy an empty propane tank and get it refilled as needed. Own the tank? Refill as needed? News to me.

That’s what we ended up doing. We went to the local trailer supply store, bought a propane tank, and had it filled. Over the long haul it’s much more cost-effective than the swap-out method.

So I thank my brother for his sage advice.

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