an essential grill accessory

Terry and I were delighted to get our new gas grill this spring after being without one since our departure from Gilroy in 2015. We fired it up the day after getting a full propane tank. As soon as I finished cooking our first meal on the new grill I realized what I was missing: my Grill Daddy.

I first discovered the Grill Daddy on cable television. It’s a long-handled wire grill brush, but the handle is hollow and fills with  water. While the grill is still hot you open the water spigot and clean the grill with hot water and steam. I used it for so long that I forgot how I cleaned the grill before that. So once I turned on the new grill I immediately remembered what I was missing.

A quick order to Amazon remedied that problem.

We’re set for the summer.

Gril lDaddy

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