a new avocation

Terry has a new avocation.

Terry’s birthday is in early December. Shortly before her birthday last year she asked me for a combined birthday and Christmas present. The JoAnn Fabric newspaper ad had listed an entry-level sewing machine at a ridiculously attractive price and she asked me to get it for her.

Terry sewingI was happy to do so. Now I don’t generally frequent that store, but I ventured in. I wandered around aimlessly in what was an extremely busy store and saw no sewing machines. A helpful salesperson told me that they were behind the front counter. I got in line and purchased it for her.

She has been working at reacquiring the skills she let lapse after high school. On a recent Saturday she took a sewing class with our great niece. She really enjoyed it. The instructor told her that she had an excellent beginner’s machine that would do everything she needed right now.

Progress is slow because she is busy with other things as well, but it she continues to move forward. She just finished a shirt which turned out very nicely as her first venture.

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