pausing for a moment

Two members of my Toastmasters club: Diane and Betty.

angel statueDiane was a member before I joined. She was a vivacious, outgoing person. She was also somewhat scattered. There is a certain order in which you are supposed to give your speeches in the Competent Communication manual in order to get your Competent Communicator award. She did not give the speeches in order and she often gave speeches completely unrelated to the manual. Consequently I got my Competent Communicator award before she got hers, and by the time she qualified for her award I was vice president of education and was the one to submit the award.

Betty was a senior citizen who decided to join Toastmasters. She was also an outgoing person who was determined and  intense. She suffered from some serious vision problems, having macular degeneration, so she required a lot of assistance. She also got confused easily and had to have things explained multiple times. She was, however, a thoroughly enjoyable person and gave some really good speeches.

Diane had surgery several weeks ago for what turned out to be ovarian cancer. On Thursday we learned that the doctors had deemed Diane’s cancer to be terminal. We also learned that Betty had a stroke.

I am therefore taking a moment to shed a tear for Diane and to send healing prayers to Betty.

This also gives me a moment to pause and be grateful for all the blessings that I enjoy.



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