spicy chile grilled chicken

This recipe has been in my database since 2010. Spicy Chile Grilled Chicken appeared in the July 2010 issue of Coastal Living. The use of the “e” in chile grates on me somewhat, but it is acceptable in some circles. In fact it is an issue that continues to be debated. There is an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times from back in November 2000 on the subject.

spicy chile grilled chickenForget about the spelling, however. Let’s talk about the recipe. I had a boneless chicken breast in the freezer that I wanted to grill so I opened up my recipe database and found this. It calls for a whole chicken, but it worked just as well on the breasts. I used a red chili (snicker) because that is what my local Sprouts had on hand. I marinated it for a full eight hours.

It turned out great. I served it with a packaged rice pilaf mix.

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