grilled mahi-mahi with Thai coconut sauce

I was looking for a grilled mahi-mahi recipe to fix on a recent Saturday. Terry and I definitely wanted to have fish that day, and it was going to be hot, so we knew that we wanted to grill. It had been a while since we had fixed mahi-mahi and it is a fish that we both will eat. (While I love halibut Terry eats it only rarely.)

mahi-mahiI have been adding a lot of grilling recipes to my database since we bought our grill, and have set up custom searches for the various kinds of seafood for which I have recipes. The recipe I selected, however, was one that I have had for a number of years: Grilled Mahi-mahi with Thai Coconut Sauce.

I made the recipe pretty much as specified and it turned out better than expected. It was very tasty and had something of a kick to it. Terry gave it her highest endorsement, “You can make this again.”

2 Comments on “grilled mahi-mahi with Thai coconut sauce”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I love grilled Mahi Mahi. We must try this sauce.

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