citrus-marinated beef fajitas

I very quickly get annoyed by Tiffani Thiessen and her fatuous repartee with her B-list celebrity friends on Dinner at Tiffani’s. She does, however, often have some really good recipes.

fajitasOne recipe that caught my attention was her Citrus-Marinated Beef Fajitas. I got around to making the dish recently and was quite pleased. Well, I sort of made it.

I followed the recipe for the marinade pretty closely. I bought three-fajitasquarters of a pound of flap meet at the service meat counter and I marinated it for close to eight hours. I pretty much ignored the instructions on the fajita mixture. I grilled the flap meat on the grill outside and threw on a green bell pepper from the garden. That was it.

However, as always with tacos and fajitas, we had olives, chopped green pepper, and shredded cheddar for our toppings. I indulged myself and got some guacamole. The taste of the marinade was absolutely marvelous, and with our toppings it made for a really nice dinner.


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