fish tacos

I have never made fish tacos until recently. It was an unusual combination of events that prompted this.

Sprouts had swordfish on sale. I rarely buy swordfish because of the mercury issue, but once in a while won’t hurt (I suppose). I have a grilled swordfish recipe that I like to make from time to time and I used half of the swordfish to make that. The other half I sealed up with the FoodSaver and put in the freezer.

Fish TacoFor some reason the seal didn’t hold (FoodSaver seals are normally very reliable) and the swordfish was picking up frost and freezer burn. At the same time, I had tortillas left over from a previous dinner. So I decided to grill it and chop it up for fish tacos. That I did, seasoning it with Penzey’s Bold Taco Seasoning.

It worked out well. Terry liked it. I may well do it again, but with a sustainable fish that doesn’t have the mercury problem.

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