Slow Cooker Butter Chicken

This recipe turned out very nicely. It’s from Indian Slow Cooker Recipes, a Kindle-only book that sells for just 99 cents.

Slow Cooker Butter ChickenIn addition to the chicken, the recipe calls for canned tomatoes, butter, heavy cream, onion, and coconut milk. Spices include garlic, curry powder, garam masala, coriander, salt, and pepper.

I did not brown the chicken in the frying pan as the recipe specifies and I replaced the onion with minced onion, since Terry can’t eat fresh onion. I also omitted the coconut milk. This was not intentional. As I was putting the ingredients in the crock pot I realized that I had left it off my shopping list. I scrounged around in the cabinet and found a package of nonfat dry milk which I used instead.

That turned out to be fine. The dish was delicious and with the coconut milk I think it would have been too rich.

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