The International Cinema Society

International Cinema Society coverThe International Cinema Society
Craig McLay
Amazon Digital Services (December 5, 2014),  281 pages
Kindle edition $4.99
I received this eBook free in exchange for signing up for the author’s mailing list,
from which I have received nothing to date.

I very much enjoyed the author’s Village Books, and so decided that the price was right when I had the opportunity to read his second book. Like the first book the story is told in the first person by an author who has sold the movie rights to his book. This story, like the first book, takes place in Toronto. However in an amusing passing reference to the first book the narrator tells us that he is not the same person as the narrator of Village Books.

The narrator runs a money-losing online magazine with his best friend since childhood, RT. The narrator has pretty much lost interest in the venture and leaves it to RT, who has brought in an intern, Siobhan, with whom he is physically and emotionally involved. Siobhan’s writing revives interest in the publication, which nonetheless continues to lose money.

So what of the International Cinema Society in the title? The narrator, RT, and their friends get together once a month at someone’s residence to watch a movie of the host’s choice. This becomes the vehicle for exploring the lives of the various characters.

The book moves along at a relatively even pace until the climax, which is much more intense than the rest of the book. As in Village Books, at the end the author gives us a rundown as to where all of the characters have landed, which, as was also the case in Village Books, is mostly on their feet.

The conclusion of the book is something of a surprise, and interestingly leaves the door open for a sequel.

The novel was well worth the price I paid for it. I can’t advise you as to whether it is worth the $4.99 you would need to shell out. I’ll leave that up to you.

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