homemade falafel

I’ve mentioned here before that dad gave Terry and me a never-used, as far as I could tell, GranPappy deep fryer. As I’ve said, I would probably never have gone out and bought one, but I graciously accepted the gift. I’m not big on deep fried foods, but I did used it a few times to make falafel. I bought falafel mix at our local Middle Eastern grocery store and it turned out well.

falafelThen I had one of those “I coulda had a V-8!” moments. I have a Vitamix. I can make my own my own falafel from scratch! I found this recipe from The Blender Babes.

True to form I ignored the quantities but followed the recipe for instructions on preparing the garbanzo beans and for the list of spices to include. It was a bit messy and I encountered the normal Vitamix headache of the air pocket, which meant that not all the beans got properly ground.

Nonetheless it all turned out great. The falafels were very tasty and I have enough of the mixture left over for another meal. Unlike using a packaged mix, I knew exactly what was in my food and was able to keep the sodium level down.

I was pleased and Terry enjoyed it. It made for a nice meatless Monday.

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