our copper grill mat

One day this summer Terry came home from Bed Bath & Beyond with a box of copper grill mats, as seen on TV. I hadn’t seen them on TV, but apparently she had. I couldn’t grouse too much as the store price was reasonable and she managed to finagle another twenty percent off.

I pulled one mat out of the box and put the other one away for later use. I was dubious at first, but after using the mat I was impressed. I’ve used it with both chicken and burgers. Everything turned out great. The claim “perfect grill marks every time” was inaccurate, but the food tasted marvelous and I didn’t have to scrape the grill, which goes for a lot. Perhaps the Grill Daddy will be retired.

The pièce de résistance was when I made pizza. Marvelous!

We’re making the grill mat an integral part of our grilling repertoire.

Grill Mat

3 Comments on “our copper grill mat”

  1. Mark was saying he did not think this would work… now you have me curious!

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