a different hair experience

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the Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

When we left Gilroy in 2015 Terry and I left behind our loyal hair stylist, Debbie. Arriving here at Four Seasons I found Stephanie who worked at the salon on site. She at one point stopped spending time here and I saw her at her salon a few miles away. It was easy and simple. She gave me a quick, efficient haircut and charged me fifteen dollars. I gave her a twenty and was on my way. Not Debbie, but it sufficed.

hair stylists business cardsRecently Stephanie told me that she was moving. Her salon was being sold and the new owners had a different business model. She was moving to Menifee, a twenty-five minute drive away. That didn’t work for a ten-minute haircut. I went to a nearby salon and asked if they did men’s hair. They did, and made me an appointment with Taylor.

Taylor is a young guy whose sister and mom also work in the shop. We had a lot in common as he grew up in Hemet as did I. He graduated from Taquitz High School, which didn’t exist when I graduated from Hemet High many years ago. Taylor did a good job. He was thorough and complete, much more so than Stephanie. The bill was twenty-five dollars to which I added a five dollar tip.

It’s the difference between twenty and thirty dollars. It’s a difference that I’m happy to absorb given the added attention to detail.

3 Comments on “a different hair experience”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    You are lucky. Your haircut still costs $10 less than Dean’s. I don’t know how much he tips and it adds up. I started cutting my own hair a while back in order to save some money. Mine was $10 more than Dean’s before tip.

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