an update on my Toastmaster friends

I am overdue with respect to updating you on my ailing Toastmaster friends.

I wrote about Diane, who was diagnosed with terminal stage four ovarian cancer and about Betty who had a stroke.

Both are back with us.

Diane looks well, fit, and healthy. She’s not. She is well aware of her situation and does not hide it. She has opted not to undergo chemotherapy which would only prolong the inevitable and seriously degrade her lifestyle in the meantime. She knows what the ultimate outcome will be, and has accepted it. In the meantime she tells us that what is important is what is going on between one’s ears. And she lives that way. Happy. Vital. Active.

Betty is not comfortable taking on any meeting roles or making speeches, but otherwise she seems to be her usual self. She’s glad to be with us where she is appreciated and accepted.

Here’s to our strong women in Toastmasters.

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