it wasn’t when I thought

I discovered Pot Shots when I first arrived in Claremont in the fall of 1971. Maybe I even discovered them when I attended the summer program there in 1970. Pot Shots are post cards containing an aphorism and a line drawing.

A while back GoComics on the web started offering Pot Shots on a daily basis. They started at the beginning in the late 1960s and moved forward one Pot Shot at a time. I tracked my own experience at Pitzer College in the seventies as I saw each entry.

When 1975 rolled around I thought I had pretty much stopped paying attention to Pot Shots. That was my second semester as a senior at Pitzer and I was looking ahead to the next phase of my life. Then this Pot Shot show up on GoComics. Oh yeah. I remember that one. I remember it well. It resonated deeply with me.

Obviously, I was still an active Pot Shots follower in 1975.

I have abandoned my search for the truth and am now looking for a good fantasy

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