a return to comfort

We are cool again.

Our air conditioner died the Wednesday before last. It kept tripping the breaker. The repair man came out on Thursday and said we should get the breaker replaced. Fortunately I was able to get an electrician to come out right away and change the breaker. But the result was no different. Once again I was fortunate in getting the air conditioner people to answer the phone as they were on their way out the door and the service man was scheduled for Friday afternoon. After doing some additional checking he told us, in effect if not literally, “He’s dead, Jim.”

Air ConditionerThe repair man laid out for us a few different ways we could go, from replacing certain components to putting in a whole new unit. We opted for the latter choice. The first open date they had for installation was today.

As you can imagine we have had an uncomfortable twelve days. We spent a lot of time outside in the evening, we did a lot of grilling outside, and we bought a powerful Vornado fan for the bedroom. Somehow we managed.

The installers arrived around 8:15 this morning and left shortly before three. The air conditioner is working and we feel much better.

I have never taken my air conditioning for granted and am grateful to have it back.

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