another familiar voice

I wrote a while back about how we enjoy listening to Michael Burman playing jazz on KCSM-FM on Saturday evenings.

Classical 24 logoI need to give equal time to Sunday evenings. That’s when we listen to the NPR classical service. We love hearing Valerie Kahler who hosts the six to ten time slot, Pacific Time. She is actually in the Twin Cities, so her shift takes her up to midnight central time. But her voice is a soothing presence as we get ready to start the new week, and we very much miss her when she’s away.

One Comment on “another familiar voice”

  1. Carlos says:

    I agree with the previous comment: “…her voice is soothing presence…”. I usually listen the classical music station on Sunday nights, without paying full attention to the music; it just plays. Then, one night I heard a wonderful, soothing voice explaining or reacting to the music. Who is that woman, I said. Finally, she said “I’m Valerie Kahler…” . Now I listen the Station WMHT here in the Hudson Valley, New York, every Sunday night without missing. Thank you.

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