sausage rice pot

Terry and I saw the 2016 Food Network Star winner Tregaye Fraser visiting The Kitchen on a recent Saturday. She demonstrated a recipe for Andouille Sausage Rice Pot. It looked tasty and pretty straightforward. I decided to give it a try. Sort of.

Sausage Rice PotI’m not a big squash fan so I omitted the yellow squash and used broccoli and a carrot along with the zucchini. Instead of Andouille sausage I used Silva Louisiana Hot Links. I had them on hand and Terry and I really do enjoy those hot links. I used minced onion instead of a fresh onion and canned diced tomatoes instead of a fresh tomato.

It turned out quite well. Terry and I ate up most of the hot links, but we froze the leftover veggie mixture. It will make another good dinner using a different protein.

I always love it when I can get a second meal out of a recipe.

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