the process continues

It has been a year since Pastor Kathleen at Good Shepherd Episcopal retired. Father Rob, our interim rector, arrived on All Saints’ Sunday six weeks later.

So here we are. And where are we? Not in an optimal situation.

The congregation had not had an update on our rector search for a while, and since the work of the profile committee is long since over I had no source of inside information.

Good Shepherd's new logoThen the most recent issue of our print church newsletter arrived by old-fashioned postal mail. The news was not good. We’d had three applicants, all of whom notified the search committee that they had accepted, or intended to accept, other positions.

Fr. Rob’s contract ends at the end of October. Would he consider extending it? I don’t know. But since he comes from Tulare, far to the north, and since his wife is facing some medical issues with respect to one leg, I wonder if he would. If he doesn’t I understand, but that would be unfortunate since he has provided us with some valuable leadership during this interim period.

So we keep on keeping on and the process continues.

barbecue chicken foil packets

Barbecue Chicken Foil PacketsThis recipe for barbecue chicken foil packets comes from the blog Life Made Sweeter. Kelly, the bog owner, says she “shares healthier and authentic Asian recipes I grew up making.” All of her recipes I have made have been alive with flavor. This one was no exception.

For this recipe I used broccoli and bell pepper, as that’s want I had on hand. I used her instructions for the sauce, using a mesquite barbecue sauce. It was marvelous!

By the way, Penzeys new Brady Street cheese sprinkle is great on veggies.

Amazon comes through

Amazon Gift CardMy wife knows what to get me for my birthday. This year Terry gave me an Amazon gift card for my birthday back in August. That always works.

But when I went to redeem the gift card several weeks later I ran into problems. I pulled up the tape to get the redeem code and half of the redeem code came up with the tape. That doesn’t work. I submitted a support request to Amazon. They responded saying that they couldn’t find the gift card and to please submit an image of the card. I submitted what you see here. They responded saying that they had updated my account with the gift card balance. And indeed they had.

Thank you, Amazon. All’s well that ends well.

Sacred Music Friday: Lord of the Dance

A compelling and somewhat different performance of an old favorite.

another familiar voice

I wrote a while back about how we enjoy listening to Michael Burman playing jazz on KCSM-FM on Saturday evenings.

Classical 24 logoI need to give equal time to Sunday evenings. That’s when we listen to the NPR classical service. We love hearing Valerie Kahler who hosts the six to ten time slot, Pacific Time. She is actually in the Twin Cities, so her shift takes her up to midnight central time. But her voice is a soothing presence as we get ready to start the new week, and we very much miss her when she’s away.

Indian-style grilled chicken

This recipe in my database came from Relish magazine in May 2010. Relish is (was?) a magazine focused on recipes and food-related advertising that sometimes arrived with the Sunday paper.

Indian Style Grilled ChickenThe recipe calls for bone-in chicken thighs marinated in yogurt, heavy cream, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper, cumin, coriander, chili powder, garam masala, cilantro, salt, and hot sauce.

I used a boneless breast instead of thighs, and I omitted the soy sauce, cilantro, salt, and heavy cream. I used Louisiana hot sauce. I grilled the breasts on the gas grill outside.

I was happy with the result and Terry enjoyed the dish.

pressure cooker Chinese lemon chicken

I was looking for a recipe for a hot Wednesday that would not heat up the house. That generally means grilling outside, crock pot, or pressure cooker. I went with the last of the three. A member of the Yahoo group Pressure Cooker Recipes posted this recipe which looked quite good.

As it turned out it was even hotter than I anticipated. That’s because our air conditioner decided to give out that day. So using the pressure cooker and not heating up the house was a good choice. I omitted the white sugar and did a natural pressure release. The chicken was quite delicious. As you can appreciate I skipped the rice which would have made it even better.

Pressure Cooker Lemon Chicken