we will miss Marcela

As long as it has been on the air, The Kitchen on Food Network has been hosted by Marcela Valladolid, Geoffrey Zakarian, Jeff Mauro, Katie Lee, and Sunny Anderson. It is a program that Terry and I thoroughly enjoy. We have missed only a few episodes. We didn’t catch on in time to see Season 1, Episode 1, and perhaps we missed a couple of episodes when we were moving. That’s it.

Late last week Marcela announced on Instagram (@chefmarcela) that Saturday’s show would be her last. Terry and I were both sad, as we loved her presence on the program. She brought a Latina flavor that was otherwise lacking.

The sad thing is that they did not even say goodbye to her on Saturday. The show was certainly taped several weeks ago, and perhaps she made the decision after the taping. Unlike the other hosts she is West Coast-based, and with three kids the decision to stop flying to the East Coast for taping is understandable.

She will no doubt continue her social media presence, but we will miss her on The Kitchen.

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