a simple solution 

Terry and I frequently have tacos for dinner. They may be made with leftover pot roast or I may buy marinated flap meat specifically for the meal. Technically I suppose they’re really fajitas as we assemble them ourselves at the table with the various toppings. In any case, they always involve corn tortillas.

As you know I am a regular follower of Food Network and public television cooking programs. The received wisdom has long been to put the tortillas on the gas burner to soften them up for soft tacos or fajitas. Did I listen? No. I would wrap them in damp paper towels and put them in the microwave.

tortillaFinally, I decided to pay attention. I grilled the meat on the gas grill outside and warmed the tortillas on the grill as well.  A couple of weeks later when it was cooler I turned leftover pot roast into tacos, I mean fajitas, and warmed the tortillas on the gas burner. So simple. Very easy. I coulda had a V8!

First, when you use the microwave the tortillas are too hot to touch for a couple of minutes. Second, since you are essentially steaming them, they are a tad soggy. And that means that the bottom tortilla in the stack is really soggy and virtually unusable. None of that when heating them over the burner.

So simple. So obvious. And no idea why it took me so long.

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