why Marcela didn’t say goodbye

I recently wrote about Marcela Valladolid’s departure from The Kitchen on Food Network. I wrote that I was sad to see her leave and that I was disappointed that she did not have the opportunity to say goodbye.

The Kitchen logoMarcela writes all about this in a deeply personal and touching blog post. After telling us that her reasons for leaving are, in the words of former co-host Sunny Anderson, nunya business, Marcela tells us a lot. She tells us that the original decision not to say goodbye was hers. She goes on to say that she regretted that and that she wished she had pushed for the opportunity to tell her fans she was leaving the show.

She also describes what led her to leave. Marcela tells us that the recipes presented on the show do not reflect who she is or her cooking style. She describes how the monthly trips to the East Coast to tape the show were wearing her down. She writes about family, and moving from San Diego to Los Angeles, merging two households into one.

You might want to read the blog entry for yourself. But have a Kleenex nearby when you do.

25 Comments on “why Marcela didn’t say goodbye”

  1. Tonnedda Washington says:

    I was very sad to see her go, but on the other hand deciding to stay true to herself I totally support, she and the Sandwich King are the reasons I tuned in and find myself barley watching now, but do so for him. I follow her recipes and often found things on the show too much processed or semi homemade, not really my cup of tea. I do wish her luck, she’s an amazing Chef and will be missed. On to bigger and better things. To the Food Network producers, don’t loose the Sandwich King and I hope they can survive without her.

  2. Teresa Botello says:

    So sad to see Marcela go. Honestly that’s what I liked about the kitchen, something different . All shows out there are very similar, same race wich is so boring. Love the cast from The kitchen, but Wont be seeing the kitchen anymore.

  3. Teresa Botello says:

    So sad to see Marcela go, but she will be just fine.
    The best of luck, Chef Marcela.!!
    See you in upcoming shows.

  4. Dolores Brooks says:

    The show is the kitchen, you could see she was not happy many times on the show. I watch the show every week and her personally sometimes would bring me down. I hope Che is happy with her decision, be Blessed.

  5. Cyndi Wilcox says:

    I have seen commercials for the upcoming top baker show where she is apparently a judge. She has landed on her feet. And family first. Good luck.

  6. stephanie jackson says:

    Miss you VERY MUCH – Marcella…

  7. Mia Cancelmo says:

    I am not sorry to see Marcela go. I think she’s annoying.

  8. Linda Caster says:

    The show is fine w/o her.

  9. LW says:

    Just saw that she is coming back. I agree the show is fine without her.

  10. MaryL says:

    Marcella was the only reason I watched. Jeff and Sunny loud, immature and no manners. Katie and GZ awesome.

  11. dave beatty says:

    Not a big fan of Marcella’s, her pronunciation of anything hispanic with the heavy accent annoyed me. Love the rest of the stars, recipes and rapport that they seem to share on the show is entertaining and educational.

    • Kaye says:

      Why would her pronunciation annoy you? She has an accent because her family is from Mexico and she spent time there.

    • Dawn says:

      Um Dave, don’t be so closed minded and white bread!!! She is a latina you schmuck! She speaks heavenly spanish, so, if you can’t say anything nice, shutupayoutrap!

  12. Marta says:

    The show is definitely better without her. She frequently seemed unhappy and unpleasant..

  13. jc says:

    Marcella doesn’t belong on The Kitchen, it’s not her kind of cooking or personality. I wish her luck in what ever she does, but the show is just perfect without her. Sunny and Jeff may be loud and out there…but that is what makes the show fun and interesting.

  14. Larry Brice says:

    Everyone on the show shows a little humility in that they don’t take offence with nationality inferences. I’ve seen nothing but respect from all of them towards others “ethnic” styles.

  15. Dolores says:

    I can understand how it would be difficult for Marcela to be traveling between two coasts. Especially since she has young children. Would not be sad if Katie Lee left. Her nasally voice is very annoying, and she does not really add any value, but as a helper.

  16. Sue says:

    Professionals have to keep their feelings to themselves, even when they don’t earn the huge salaries on-air personalities earn. We have to make the best of it and not let our inner feelings show. Marcella was cranky and clearly did not want to be there. Hated watching her. The “Sandwich King” is beyond annoying and childish. Great concept, but with the exception of Sunny and Geoffrey, it needs new chefs.

  17. Maggie Smith says:

    Sad to see her go, loved her. Love Jeff. Geoffrey too. Sunny makes me want to kick my tv through the wall.

  18. Kathleen Geddes says:

    I miss Marcela and she had class. Found not only her recipes great, but she was artistic too. Sorry to say I don’t watch The Kitchen anymore. Loved it but Jeff and Sunny are a bit too much, very silly and very loud! Katie is OK , but just ok, not as artistic as Marcela. Geoffrey acts as he is above everyone, don’t care If he is an Iron Chef, not impressed.
    If you think Marcella had an accent with certain words what about Giada, I don’t watch her any more either. It’s suppose to be about the food, they should always look like Chefs, Professional! It’s not about them, it’s suppose to be about the food or so I thought.
    All the best Marcela, God Bless you and your family.

  19. Regina says:


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