my spice chaos

spice drawerWhen Terry and I remodeled our kitchen in Gilroy our design included a spice rack which I absolutely loved. We stored the bulk spices used to refill the jars in the rack in a cabinet that had a lot of horizontal storage space. I kept the bags neatly lined up on metal racks.

bulk spice bagsHere in Hemet we don’t have a spice rack, but when we moved here my dad very graciously made us dividers so we could keep our spices neatly organized in a kitchen drawer. That works well.

The bulk spices are a different story, however. The storage space in our kitchen not otherwise used tends deep rather than horizontal. There’s no good way to store the bulk spices. They are in gallon Ziploc bags and I have to go hunting whenever I need to refill a jar.

Still, that’s a small problem and I love having the variety of spices that we maintain.


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