clam chowder

This time of year I enjoy making clam chowder. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. I don’t follow a specific recipe but generally make it pretty much the same way each time.

clam chowder and garlic breadHere’s what I did most recently. I peeled and diced two russet potatoes and put them in the saucepan with water, bringing it to a boil and then turning down the heat for 30 minutes. I drained off the water, added two drained cans of clams and chopped celery, since I had it on hand, and four strips of bacon which I microwaved and crumbled. I added milk to cover and brought up the heat. I threw in basil, oregano, granulated onion and granulated garlic, a bit of medium hot chili powder, and white pepper.

I cooked for another half hour and served with garlic bread. A great dinner for a chilly evening.

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