grocery delivery

When Terry and I lived in Gilroy and were both commuting to Silicon Valley (an hour each way by car in rush hour, longer when I was taking the train) we would take advantage of grocery delivery from Safeway. After a long week it was nice not having to worry about going to the grocery store. As I moved in to more of a telecommuting situation and Terry to a home-based office, we gave that up.

Here in Southern California, Vons and Albertson’s (now part of the same company) have long offered delivery, but neither has a store in the San Jacinto Valley. I have however, seen their truck around here so I guess one of the stores in a neighboring community provides the service.

instacart logoMore recently our regional chain, Stater Bros., has been promoting delivery here in the valley via a company called Instacart. Even Smart & Final has signs saying that they deliver. I’m glad the service is available. I’m sure that there are many people with transportation issues or personal mobility problems that can make good use of the service. For me, my work is home-based and it’s a good thing for me to actually get out of the house. And I like to select my own produce and specify which cuts of meat I want.

Since I’m the one who does the bulk of the cooking I enjoy being in the store making sure I get the right ingredients. The two go together.

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