yellowfin tuna crusted with Moroccan spices

I have had this recipe from Cooking Light in my database for quite some time. The recipe calls for sea bass, not yellowfin tuna, but the store had no sea bass. Yellowfin is different from sea bass in that it is darker and meatier, but they share the quality of being a firm fish.

yellowfin tunaI made the marinade as specified but gave it an hour plus rather than 45 minutes. I also made the spice mixture as specified, leaving out the salt. The recipe called for grilling the fish on the stovetop, but I cooked it in our toaster oven on the convection setting (oh, how I miss our convection oven in Gilroy!) at 425 for about 15 minutes.

I served it with Rice-A-Roni broccoli and cheese. It was very tasty and worked out well. But I think this one deserves another go round actually using sea bass.

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