an experiment

Terry and I sometimes cook with celery. Not very often, but we do sometimes. Terry includes it in her marvelous gumbo. Sometimes I’ll make a soup or stew that calls for it. We normally buy a small package rather than the bulk stalks, and even that often goes bad before can use all of it.

celeryMost recently I was at our secondary grocery store that didn’t have the small package and so bought a larger package for a dinner I was making. Not wanting to waste what was left over I tried an experiment.

I have read that you can freeze veggies if you blanch them. So I cut the stalks in half, plunged them in boiling water and then shocked them in a bath of ice water. I tried them off, created three batches, sealed them up in FoodSaver bags, and threw them in the freezer.

We will see if the experiment is a success.

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