The View from the Cheap Seats

View from the Cheap Seats coverThe View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
Neil Gaiman
William Morrow; Reprint edition (May 31, 2016), 549 pages
Kindle edition $8.99, Amazon paperback $10.19

I wasn’t familiar with Neil Gaiman until I saw this book mentioned. Turns out that he is a prolific writer of speculative fiction. He has written adult novels, children’s books, and graphic novels in collaboration with an illustrator. He has also written a lot of introductions to the books of others, as well as pieces in anthologies, and even album liner notes. He’s given a lot of speeches as well.

His output in these areas has been prolific, as this book attests. It is a hefty tome, or would be had I bought the print version rather than the Kindle edition, coming in at 549 pages. The pieces are interesting and engaging. It was perhaps a bit more of Neil Gaiman than I really needed, but it engaging reading nonetheless.

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