butter garlic herb steak foil packets

Normally the recipes from The Recipe Critic are quite reliable. This one was a mixed bag.

butter garlic herb steak packetsFor the butter mixture I used thyme, garlic, and white pepper. I couldn’t find rosemary, I omitted parsley because Terry doesn’t like it and I don’t think it adds anything anyway, and I always omit salt on general principle. For the steak I used a New York steak on sale at our local grocery store. At Terry’s suggestion I added some cooking port.

The recipe calls for grilling for fifteen minutes. It’s definitely not grilling season, so I broiled the packets in our toaster/broiler oven for a full half hour. The steak was great. Tender, tasty, and delicious with the port. The potatoes and carrots were totally undercooked, virtually raw.

So we sealed up and froze the veggies for another meal sometime. We enjoyed the steak. And in spite of the undercooked veggies, it does make for a nice picture, doesn’t it?

One Comment on “butter garlic herb steak foil packets”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    It does indeed!!

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