not so sweet

blackcurrant travel sweetsI used to have quite the sweet tooth. I would keep a bag of snickers in the drawer in the bedroom for munching in the evening. But some months back I didn’t replace the bag when I finished it. That tin of blackcurrant travel sweets on the kitchen counter? I hardly ever touch it.

At a recent Access Control Committee meeting the owner of our security service brought pastry. I declined, until the meeting dragged on and I needed something to eat. It was a chocolate-covered, cream-filled pastry, not really an éclair, and I didn’t enjoy it all that month.

Seems my body is making some good decisions.

3 Comments on “not so sweet”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    About a year or so ago, I quit sugar and “bad” carbs to lower my triglycerides. It worked but what also worked was getting me off sugar. I rarely eat dessert now and if I want a touch of something sweet after dinner, I have three Jordan almonds. Just enough sugar around the almonds to satisfy me. It is amazing how quickly it happened. Good for you!!!

    • Thanks! Of course there are still challenges. It takes everything I’ve got not to pick up a box of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies when I’m shopping at Sprouts.

      • Tahoe Mom says:

        When I was totally without sugar (not even the almonds) for about 6 weeks, Michelle made me my Aunt Lalah’s sour cream pound cake. Horrible reaction. Huge headache. Felt awful all over. Now more than a bite or two and the headache begins to crawl up my neck. Get to that point and those cookies won’t look nearly so appealing.

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