chicken stir fry with peanut sauce

This recipe for chicken stir fry with peanut sauce violates the basic rules of stir fry in a wok.

stir fryThe instructions say to cook the chicken first, take it out and cut it up, cook the bell pepper and broccoli, make the peanut sauce, and put it in along with the cut-up chicken.

A stir fry guru such as Grace Young will tell you that your wok needs your full attention once it is hot. You can’t go off and do other things once you start cooking in it. So I cut up the chicken and bell pepper first and made the peanut sauce. I used frozen broccoli florets, so that wasn’t an issue. I cooked the chicken, added the bell pepper and then the broccoli. Finally I added the peanut sauce. (I admit that I did turn away to clean the cutting board.)

This turned out really well. The peanut sauce was excellent.

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