replacing my Misto

The Misto has been a key kitchen tool for me for a number of years. It allows me to spray olive oil on pans, dishes, or food rather than pouring it from the bottle. I really can’t live without it. The problem is that a Misto only lasts for so long.

MistoOne time I replaced a worn-out Misto with a different brand that had a clear bottle. When I pumped up the pressure so I could spray the olive oil it exploded. All over the kitchen.

Never again. I tried to clean my most recent Misto after it started putting out a flat stream instead of spraying. I soaked it in soapy water and then cleaned it out by spraying clear water through it. It started leaking.

That’s OK. I can only expect a Misto to last a couple of years and that one did.

So I replaced it and have moved on. But I have my Misto, so critical to my cooking.

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