Amazon is not always the answer

I wrote two years ago about buying food handling gloves from Amazon. That box of 500 lasted until just recently. I have used them regularly while preparing food, but have not been entirely happy with them. They were rather ill-fitting and I couldn’t always get them on fully. That meant if I was chopping something loose floppy glove fingers would get in the way. Rather awkward.

Two years ago I did not fully appreciate what my local Smart & Final had to offer. I have since learned to appreciate the store’s value. For example my Scotch is cheaper there than at BevMo. (And Smart & Final is a lot closer than the nearest BevMo.)

Smart & Final has a good selection of food handling gloves. I bought a box of large gloves, selecting a name brand rather than the S&F house brand. I’m really pleased. They fit well and are highly flexible. I can work much more comfortably wearing them than I ever could with the box I bought from Amazon. The cost for a box of 100 is about the same as what I paid for the box of 500 from Amazon, but the comfort and flexibility they provide make the price difference well worth it.

Sometimes it pays to not reactively default to Amazon.

food handling gloves

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