orange-chipotle shrimp

I stopped watching Dinner at Tiffani’s a while back. I found Tiffani Thiessen to be rather cloying, and her conversations with her B-list Hollywood friends vapid and inane, not to put too fine a point on it.

orange chipotle shrimpShe did, however, have a number of good recipes, and for that I give her credit. I saved several before I stopped watching, and this orange-chipotle shrimp recipe is one of them.

For the orange juice I used a fresh-squeezed orange and for the shrimp I used the small shrimp, sometimes sold as bay shrimp. Instead of a baguette I bought a French loaf, so it could serve double duty for sandwiches the following week. I used it to make toasted garlic bread slices. I omitted the cilantro entirely.

Terry decided that putting the shrimp on the garlic bread was tasty. That did work well.

Terry said that I could add this one to the rotation. That’s always a good sign.

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