Star Trek: Discovery, season 2

Where I left things with season one of Star Trek: Discovery was that I was totally annoyed, frustrated, and ticked off (look what they’ve done to my Star Trek, Ma). I cancelled my CBS All Access account and Terry and I did not watch the final few episodes.

Star Trek DiscoveryThe folks at recently offered an update on plans for season two. They quote showrunner (I hate that term, but it’s a real thing in Hollywood these days) Aaron Harberts on plans for the plots and themes in season two:

quoteWhat is the role of serendipity versus science? Is there a story about faith to be told? Leaps of faith. We are dealing with space. We are dealing with things that can’t be explained and you have a character like Michael Burnham who believes there is an explanation for everything. And it doesn’t just mean religion. It means patterns in our lives. It means connections you can’t explain.

[Season one] was an interesting season because it was set against the backdrop of war. One of things we are looking forward to in season two is a tone that we can now be in a more exploratory phase and a more diplomatic phase – maybe a bit more of a Trekian chapter.

That’s encouraging. I may just renew my subscription to CBS All Access and give it another try when the show returns in the fall.

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