spice-rubbed steak

I’m not a big steak person. One of our regular Saturday dinners is a his and hers surf and turf night.Terry has steak and I have halibut. Sometimes, however, I plan a Saturday dinner where we both have steak. I did that recently using a spice-rubbed flank steak recipe from Southern Living.

spice rubbed steakThe rub calls for brown sugar, cumin, oregano, salt, allspice, and olive oil. I bought a London Broil rather than a flank steak. Terry did the cooking and gave the rub closer to a full hour as opposed to the twenty minutes the recipe specified. She of course omitted the salt and broiled the steaks in the toaster oven rather than grilling them.

It was one of the best rubs we’ve tried. The allspice gave it a distinctive taste and the olive oil made for a really nice wet rub. Well worth doing again.

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