chicken tetrazzini

We had some leftover slow cooker whole chicken in the freezer, so I pulled out this recipe for chicken tetrazzini. It was a little bit of work, but really not bad at all.

Chicken TetrazziniI made quite a few modifications to the recipe.The recipe called for egg noodles, but I used penne pasta as that was what I had on hand. It called for parmesan cheese, but I used Romano because the fresh parmesan at the grocery store was exorbitantly expensive.I used half-and-half rather than milk or cream, which the recipe mentioned as an option. I used water rather than broth since I was remiss in keeping the pantry properly stocked. I omitted the salt, of course.

As for seasoning, this recipe was seriously lacking. As you’re likely aware I don’t cook that way. I kicked things up somewhat by adding Harris Ranch lemon garlic spice. It all came together quite nicely and made for some good leftovers.

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