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I have written periodically about my FoodSaver which I use to seal up and freeze leftovers. It is an essential part of our cooking routine and, as with olive oil, I would be lost without it.

Last year it stopped working properly, but I was able to fix the problem by replacing the drip tray.

FoodSaverRecently it started behaving badly again, and I had to coax and cajole it to properly seal up food. I briefly thought that it might need replacing, but then I realized that replacing parts rather than the whole thing was probably the best, and by far least expensive, course.

I went to the FoodSaver web site and it didn’t have what I wanted. I tried calling, but I went through the Sunbeam menu tree and when I got to FoodSaver I encountered a busy signal.

So onward. On Amazon I found the lower foam gasket and on eBay I found the bag detector tray on a storefront that was actually Sunbeam itself. The gasket arrived first and then the bag detector tray a couple of days later. My FoodSaver is once again acting like new and sealing bags without complaint.

That is, as I said, very important to our cooking routine.

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