flour tortillas

I continue to work on my tortilla making. I have not yet figured out how to make corn tortillas that do not spilt when we have fajitas. I have tried adding more water, adding olive oil, and even adding (horrors!) vegetable shortening. All to no avail. I refuse to add lard, by the way.

tortilla makerSo, I thought, maybe try flour tortillas. I found three flour tortilla recipes which I saved. I tried this one. I cut the recipe in half and used fresh milk rather than dried. I used my tortilla press rather than a rolling pin (of course). I pressed the press as hard as I could, but the tortillas still came out thick. They didn’t split, to be sure, but they were too thick for tortillas.

I told Terry that if we make falafels again we know how to make our own pita bread.

La lucha continua. (As it does in far more important aspects of today’s society that are much more critical than my own personal tortilla struggles.)

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