chicken and broccoli casserole

chicken casseroleI had some leftover chicken in the freezer. There was both rotisserie chicken and some leftover crock pot chicken that I had made. I was looking for a one skillet stove top recipe and I found this one for creamy chicken and broccoli casserole, even though I had it misclassified in my database.chicken casserole

I made some changes to the recipe. It called for coating the mushrooms with flour, which I didn’t do. The recipe specified using steam-in-the-bag microwave broccoli, but I used regular frozen broccoli and simply threw it in the skillet. I omitted the mayonnaise and used minced onion instead of pre-chopped. I used Romano cheese instead of Parmesan. I had the Romano on hand because the last time I had looked at Parmesan in the grocery store it was ridiculously expensive.

It was a little bit of work, but not too much. And it turned out quite well.

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