slow cooker carnitas

I have multiple slow cooker pork recipes in my database and I have tried several. I added this one after Terry and I saw Jeff Mauro demonstrate it on The Kitchen.

carnitasI made it recently. I seasoned the pork with chipotle powder and garlic as the recipe specified. I used minced onion rather than a fresh onion. I used powdered cinnamon rather than cinnamon sticks, and I used a pork tenderloin (I had half a one in the freezer) rather than pork shoulder. I used zest and juice from an orange as per the recipe, but I omitted the orange soda. (Please!)

The online recipe specified crisping the pork under the broiler, though on the TV show Jeff used a Panini press. I did neither.

The recipe specified using tortillas. I served it with deli rolls instead.

It wasn’t the best slow cooker carnitas I’ve made, but it was quite good.

2 Comments on “slow cooker carnitas”

  1. So, give me your BEST carnitas recipe! I love carnitas tacos! Just meat, cilantro and touch of salt in a soft tortilla!

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