my thing with paper towels

Paper TowelsTerry and I first encountered paper towels perforated at half width when we were at a bed and breakfast at Shasta Lake. People in that part of the state care about such things.

It was not long after that when we started seeing them available in South Santa Clara County. Moving here to Southern California they are readily available. The package is normally marked with a label such as “select-a-size.”

Not all select-a-sizes are equal, however. When we buy Bounty I’ve noticed that their select-a-size is generally three-quarter width. Most other brands are in fact half-size.

I don’t know why this annoys me but it does. If all I need is half a width of a paper towel I don’t want to use the three-quarter size. So I try to avoid Bounty and use other brands instead that provide a proper half-size.

Silly me.

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