a disappearing ritual

Terry and I enjoy bottled wine on the weekend. During the week Terry drinks box wine (please don’t tell anyone), and I have my Scotch (J&B to be precise, and I don’t mind you knowing – pffft! to those single malt snobs).

wine capsOn the weekends, though, we like our bottled wine. Our local stores have a very limited wine selection, so we were pleased when Total Wines opened a half hour down the road in Temecula.

Things have changed in the win biz, however. We’re seeing a lot more wine bottles with screw tops. Say what? Yes, really.

I’ve only really noticed that in the last couple of years. But the trend is not new. NPR had a story on this in 2014.

Part of the ritual of opening a wine bottle is removing the cork. That’s something they’re taking away from us.

But alas, all things change, and the disappearing wine cork is simply one of those changing things.

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