grilled citrus Ahi tuna

Sprouts was having a sale on Ahi tuna, and since we hadn’t had that fish for a while I bought a steak. Having done that I needed to find a recipe.

citrus Ahi tunaSo, as usual, I pulled out my laptop, fired it up and opened my Living Cookbook database. I found this recipe. It was one of the original recipes that I transferred to Living Cookbook from my previous 3-ring binder recipe collection. I know that because my note “very good” was in the Comments section and not under Reviews.

This recipe called for a baste of orange, lemon, and lime juice plus sugar and garlic, which was to be boiled down. I omitted the sugar. The tuna was to be rubbed with a fennel seed, black pepper, and salt mix. I omitted the salt.

The result was excellent. It was a marvelous medley of flavors. It’s not something you’d want every day, but for the occasional Saturday night dinner it was really nice.

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